{ ♚ };; — “Where’d you go?”



                A small voice reaches him. Bright white eyes search for the source
                and they fall on the small man. No actions are taken to approach him,
                only a simple cant of the head at his words. A blink of moonlight gaze
                when it is mentioned that he looked better than— other titans? Were
                there more of his kind?



                He repeats the word slowly before he lifts an iron hand to press against
                his chest, causing a thunk at the contact.

                            ❝Like— me?❞

{ ♚ };; — Brows furrow at the creature’s behavior, confusion growing with each moment of their interaction. Even if the titan was far different from the others— no titan would talk, nonetheless hold a normal conversation without instantly devouring the other. Though he has no knowledge of what the giant could be, it appears to be more curious than hostile, if anything.

.”—Don’t know. Depends on whether you eat people just to pass time.”

October  8   ( 4 )


{♤};;— Her weight is shifted slightly, as if she’s contemplating on telling him what it was that had placed her in such a mood. Even then— she remains hesitant for she did not wish to bother others with her troubles. Crown of shimmering silver dips as slender fingers brush over the injured hand. The whistle of the kettle draws her attention and swift steps bring her to the shrieking pot.

        Silently, she begins to chew on her bottom lip as the kettle is taken from the flame and is poured into the teacups that had been set. She has yet to meet Levi’s intent gaze. Her own is distant as a soft sigh flits from parted lips.


                “I wouldn’t even know where to begin. So much has happened that even I have yet to process all that has taken place.” A shake of her head. “Forgive me— I’m quite terrible at talking about myself and my life, for it is usually me that worries about others and listens to their concerns. Not the other way around.” Hollow is her laughter, a strange sound to hear from the usually cheerful woman. A sad attempt to lessen the tension that she herself had created.

{ ♚ };; — His gaze shifts between the injury and the unreadable expression on her face, concern growing at her hand. The soldier doesn’t know much about her— what she does, who she truly is— there isn’t the slightest clue about what could be bothering the other. 

He deems the apology unnecessary, simply brushing it off. There was nothing to be sorry for.

He finds himself grimacing at the laugh that escapes her lips— the foreign sound that brings unease to the male. It’s not the joyous laugh he hears whenever they interact— far from it.

"Time for someone to listen to your problems, then— start off with what happened to your hand."

October  8   ( 10 )

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October  8   ( 6 )



  But I don’t understand.❞

{ ♚ };; — “I don’t think anyone does.”

October  8   ( 11 )


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Hey, it’s understandable; only one who’d suffered through grief and despair could overcome the hurdle on their own. Though, assistance from souls who genuinely sought out to numb the pain to a certain degree proved to be a major part of the recovery process — and the CEO hoped to have fulfilled the role to a considerable degree.

Levi wasn’t particularly the most outgoing, nor the most sociable; yes, occupational duties chewed at a huge part of his schedule, but he’d given off this vibe of embracing a more conservative aura. It’d been rare for him to agree to casual hang-outs like the one that left painted lips.


The motion of digits twirling a flower’s stem halted at the array of words he shared. Optics lifted, blinking once, twice, three times.

Hm…? What — did I do?”

{ ♚ };; — The oblivious answer causes the male to let out an amused scoff, brow raised at her clueless countenance. It’s hard enough for him to express gratitude— it’s another thing to explain why. It’s true the words are said out of the blue— he can’t seem to find an appropriate time to give a proper thanks. A sigh leaving lips, a smile hardly falls upon his lips, although his hardened expression falters the slightest bit.


"—You listened."

October  3   ( 3 )
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Anonymous: What do you say during awkward silences?


"—Nothing. Let them be uncomfortable."

September  27   ( 4 )



The words repeated themselves inside the child’s head until she could finally make sense of them. A moment ago, many people much stronger than her were kicking and hitting her body with sticks or whatever they had on them to take from her hands what little food she had managed to steal from someone else. When that was happening, she had wished for someone miraclously arriving to save her. But now that there was, and this silhouette looming above her was speaking in a tone of kindness, Isabel didn’t quite welcome it’s presence.

If he didn’t intend to hurt her, then what did he want to do with her? It couldn’t have been anything good. No one did anything for free.

The child’s tiny figure shrunk in fear of what may come, and yet a speck of her natural curiosity betrayed her; small hands shifted enough to let a fragment of the surrounding world be seen by childish eyes, looking for the source of the voice heard before.

{ ♚ };; — Uncertainty took hold of him at the silence received, a quiet sigh brought forth from parted lips. There wasn’t much he could say in this situation to provide any assurance that no harm would come to her— he didn’t blame her for being frightened. Life was harsh and unfair to those who lived in these parts.

Weary gaze focusing elsewhere temporarily, lips pursed in a thin line as he contemplated his choices. The condition she was in left no room for him to simply abandon the girl— others would surely hurt her.

A flicker of surprise crossed his features as he met her gaze, muscles immediately tensing at the eye contact. After a moment of hesitation, the neutral countenance softened as he spoke once more.

"—What’s your name?"

{ ♚ };; — The burden still remains on his shoulders, though it feels as if it’s lessened— perhaps not by much, but the slightest amount makes a difference. He continues to feels the toll it takes on his body; the weight that he carries hardly abates.

But nonetheless, he is grateful for her. He is grateful that she takes the time to talk to him, to listen to his words and try to provide help. The captain only finds discomfort in expressing gratitude, but she certainly deserves it.

"Thank you."

September  22   ( 3 )

humanityshopearchive: "Do you know what's a facebook?"

Stares blankly.


"—A book of faces, I’m guessing."

September  8   ( 1 )

coeurcourageuxx: “Punch him. That’s how men make friends.”


'Mulan' quote starters


             He was growing more and more irritated as the moments passed. How the two had wandered into a tavern was beyond them and as to why they still remained among the rowdiness was just as much of a mystery. The small room was full of drunken men of all sizes—-most taller than the two of them making them obvious targets for little c o m m e n t a r y.

            Which is what led to the other male making the sarcastic comment and giving the elven man a small smirk. A younger man, obnoxious and arrogant far greater than many, stood a few feet behind him yelling nonsense neither could really comprehend. “I do not need another friend,” he retorts as he feels a hand rest on his shoulder before turning and knocking the man to the ground. He looks down at him for a few minutes before taking his seat again.

              “On the other hand, punching I am fine with doing—-Good idea, Levi.” Perhaps next time they will find somewhere with no less people to hang out at.


coeurcourageuxx }


— The sudden snap of her crossbow echoes among the room, arrow swiftly slicking through the brain matter of a ’ licker ‘, to Ada’s surprise the male before her, a vaguely familiar face, seemed blissfully unaware of the creature that had been stalking him. She considers keeping put on the higher level for a brief moment, but what difference did it make now? Her cover was already blown.

      As heeled boots hit the ground and an observant gaze is honed in on him. 
      “It must be your lucky day.”

Not so much hers, honestly. Lickers had been known to come in numbers, given she’s only caught sight of one? There was bound to be more on the way. A name lingers on her lips, what was it?

      “…. Levi.?

Offered almost inquisitively. It had been a while, and now she’s playing hero again. Her former self would likely be displeased, though it didn’t matter. Crossbow is returned to it’s holster behind the woman’s shoulder. Seemed like she’d have to make sure he was okay before trailing off too far.

{ ♚ };; — The sickening noise is nothing new to him, though it continues to make his stomach churn. Fatigue is forgotten as he registers the occurrence, a scowl forming on features at his recklessness. Eyes set focus on the creature, disgust adorning his visage before another noise captures his attention— a distinct one so rarely heard by a certain ally— if truly considered one.

He pauses for a moment, taking in the current situation before words are carefully spoken. Little is known about her— most likely best that way, though trust cannot be completely given. He is undoubtedly grateful for her actions, although he isn’t quite sure her intentions.

"— Surprised you remembered."



                           ♛ 「 ⇸ 」 ❝ i’m advising you
                                               t’reconsider. ❞  

                his words are insidious
                charisma infamous & 
                not easily denied. that 
                a second query was placed
                means only that his efforts
                should be  r e d o u b l e d ––— 
                                                            ( strong willed folks are
                                                             those he admire the most, 
                                                             but hate with equal fervor) 

{ ♚ };; — the words are laced with sharp edges of malice, a threat lingering beneath. levi does not falter the slightest bit, neutral expression remaining strong despite the situation at hand.

he bits the inside of his cheek as eyes narrow at the other, patience wearing thin with each fleeting moment.

"and if i don’t?"


    { coeurcourageuxx }



                A snap catches the giant’s attention, despite the obvious lack of ears.
                Creaking metal is caused as his body turns to let his glowing gaze
                sweep across the area. Unfortunately— the cause of the sound didn’t
                seem to be there anymore.

{ ♚ };; — Muscles tense as he halts in his actions, puzzlement falling upon the soldier’s features at the sight before him. The foreign being causes both curiosity and concern to rise within, dark brows furrowing as he studies the creature.

An abnormal titan, perhaps— he ponders the possibility for moment, though he knows that isn’t correct. Oblivion remains as he contemplates his next actions, blue eyes carefully observing the giant. It doesn’t appear to have any harmful intentions— in fact, it appears to be a bit confused at the moment.

"— If there’s anything I know about you, it’s that you look better than the rest of the titans."