{ ♚ };; — “Why are you doing that?”

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humanityshopearchive: "Do you know what's a facebook?"

Stares blankly.


"—A book of faces, I’m guessing."

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coeurcourageuxx: “Punch him. That’s how men make friends.”


'Mulan' quote starters


             He was growing more and more irritated as the moments passed. How the two had wandered into a tavern was beyond them and as to why they still remained among the rowdiness was just as much of a mystery. The small room was full of drunken men of all sizes—-most taller than the two of them making them obvious targets for little c o m m e n t a r y.

            Which is what led to the other male making the sarcastic comment and giving the elven man a small smirk. A younger man, obnoxious and arrogant far greater than many, stood a few feet behind him yelling nonsense neither could really comprehend. “I do not need another friend,” he retorts as he feels a hand rest on his shoulder before turning and knocking the man to the ground. He looks down at him for a few minutes before taking his seat again.

              “On the other hand, punching I am fine with doing—-Good idea, Levi.” Perhaps next time they will find somewhere with no less people to hang out at.


coeurcourageuxx }


— The sudden snap of her crossbow echoes among the room, arrow swiftly slicking through the brain matter of a ’ licker ‘, to Ada’s surprise the male before her, a vaguely familiar face, seemed blissfully unaware of the creature that had been stalking him. She considers keeping put on the higher level for a brief moment, but what difference did it make now? Her cover was already blown.

      As heeled boots hit the ground and an observant gaze is honed in on him. 
      “It must be your lucky day.”

Not so much hers, honestly. Lickers had been known to come in numbers, given she’s only caught sight of one? There was bound to be more on the way. A name lingers on her lips, what was it?

      “…. Levi.?

Offered almost inquisitively. It had been a while, and now she’s playing hero again. Her former self would likely be displeased, though it didn’t matter. Crossbow is returned to it’s holster behind the woman’s shoulder. Seemed like she’d have to make sure he was okay before trailing off too far.

{ ♚ };; — The sickening noise is nothing new to him, though it continues to make his stomach churn. Fatigue is forgotten as he registers the occurrence, a scowl forming on features at his recklessness. Eyes set focus on the creature, disgust adorning his visage before another noise captures his attention— a distinct one so rarely heard by a certain ally— if truly considered one.

He pauses for a moment, taking in the current situation before words are carefully spoken. Little is known about her— most likely best that way, though trust cannot be completely given. He is undoubtedly grateful for her actions, although he isn’t quite sure her intentions.

"— Surprised you remembered."



                           ♛ 「 ⇸ 」 ❝ i’m advising you
                                               t’reconsider. ❞  

                his words are insidious
                charisma infamous & 
                not easily denied. that 
                a second query was placed
                means only that his efforts
                should be  r e d o u b l e d ––— 
                                                            ( strong willed folks are
                                                             those he admire the most, 
                                                             but hate with equal fervor) 

{ ♚ };; — the words are laced with sharp edges of malice, a threat lingering beneath. levi does not falter the slightest bit, neutral expression remaining strong despite the situation at hand.

he bits the inside of his cheek as eyes narrow at the other, patience wearing thin with each fleeting moment.

"and if i don’t?"


    { coeurcourageuxx }



                A snap catches the giant’s attention, despite the obvious lack of ears.
                Creaking metal is caused as his body turns to let his glowing gaze
                sweep across the area. Unfortunately— the cause of the sound didn’t
                seem to be there anymore.

{ ♚ };; — Muscles tense as he halts in his actions, puzzlement falling upon the soldier’s features at the sight before him. The foreign being causes both curiosity and concern to rise within, dark brows furrowing as he studies the creature.

An abnormal titan, perhaps— he ponders the possibility for moment, though he knows that isn’t correct. Oblivion remains as he contemplates his next actions, blue eyes carefully observing the giant. It doesn’t appear to have any harmful intentions— in fact, it appears to be a bit confused at the moment.

"— If there’s anything I know about you, it’s that you look better than the rest of the titans."



"I finally found out what’s a selfie."


{ ♚ };; — “Did you find out by punching yourself in the face?”

brideofsparda: my anaconda don't want none unless you're above 5'7" hon you might need to go play on the little garden snake then u still lookin' like a toddler titan slaya

eva plS

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    the small boy will emerge from the brush, breath billowing out
    of chapped lips as he approaches the man he had been
    shamelessly following. machete outstretched before him, 
    pointing towards the black-haired man is tightly held by
    nervous hands.


            ——— obviously. i screwed up, i know.

{ ♚ };; — blue eyes warily take in the appearance of the other, gaze eventually shifting to the weapon pointed in his direction. the threat is taken in, though he almost feels apathetic towards the other. these situations aren’t foreign— while he may not know where this will go, he knows that won’t let anyone kill him.

"— not going to run? if you’re here to steal shit, i don’t have anything for you."


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{♤};;— Perhaps she should have known that Levi would see through her facade. Yet, the very fact that he would point it out and ask what was wrong was enough to stun the silver-haired woman. Usually people would leave the matter alone and say nothing. Pallid lips part, be it in surprise or to form a response she wasn’t sure. 


                “Just— things have taken place that I never believed would happen.” Teeth chew on her bottom lip in thought. Her back remains to him, so she lets her hand move to the opposite one, the one whose crushed bones had only recently begun to heal.

               ”It’s nothing that you should have to worry yourself over.”

{ ♚ };; — He certainly isn’t the kind of person one would go to in order to confess their problems. The apathy from his tone hardly fades, though concern is laced within. Unsatisfied with the response received, the soldier contemplates on whether the issue should be pressed on.

It’s odd to see her like this— there’s no teasing whatsoever, not even any short jokes.

He would much prefer for her to taunt him continuously than for her to be in this state.

"Might as well tell me. I’d worry anyway."

August  26   ( 8 )



░░▒▒▓█ ▌;; ➸ ;; ≻

                                     ≺❝’ Thanks..! ‘❞≻

                                                 She is ever-so pleased at the accomplishment,
                                                 despite the inner negativity occurring inside, 
                                                 convincing her that it was merely pure { luck }.
                                                 No matter; she’d continue to take pride in the
                                                 infrequent skill that succeeded in aiding the 
                                                 dual of survivors. 

                                                                ≺❝’ It’s a good thing you ducked 
                                                                        though, or this would all turn
                                                                        out pretty n a s t y.   ‘❞≻

{ ♚ };; — The slightest bit of puzzlement adorns his features at her response— though grateful for her actions, he had expected the situation to turn sour almost immediately. It was strange enough for her to jump in and help him— everyone fought for themselves at this point in the outbreak. To provide assistance was rare; the gesture would most likely end up killing you.

"—I’m surprised you even helped me."

August  26   ( 3 )


;; really sorry about the inactivity— haven’t really had the inspiration for any of my muses recently. i know i owe starters (from a thousand years ago okay), but i’m going to disregard those so i can have a clean slate.

so— first five to like this gets a starter! not sure how long it’ll be, really depends on what i can come up with ; w ;

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{♤};;— A pause in her movements at his query. Shoulders tense the slightest bit before forcing herself to relax once more. No— no need to make him worry. Levi and Ebony weren’t even the closest of friends. Were they even friends?

        Her body was drained— both emotionally and physically. But there’s no need to tell him as such. Surely he had his own worries to think of.


        She steps away from the counter and gives him an exhausted smile.

            “I’m fine. Just a little tired, is all.”

                                             What an understatement.

{ ♚ };; — Body language is studied carefully, a careful note taken as her body goes rigid at the simple question. It’s true that they’re merely acquaintances— perhaps he shouldn’t be prying in the first place. But he knows her enough to understand that something else is going on.


"—You look more than tired," the soldier says pointedly, "what’s going on?"

August  19   ( 8 )